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About the Project

At some point in the autumn of last year, our reporting on economic issues in our region became crisis reporting. As the stories about lay-offs, increased demand at food banks and shelters, bank troubles mounted and home foreclosures continued to rise, the picture that emerged was murky. The Economy Project is an effort by Missouri’s public radio stations and partners to provide a clearer picture.

The Project is also about connections. Somewhere in the reporting, we realized that this story wasn’t about somebody else, or something happening “over there.” It’s about all of us, and it’s everywhere around us. We hope this Web site is more than just a site – we hope it’s a place to connect nonprofit groups, civic leaders and citizens with the resources they need to give help, give back and get through this crisis. We also think it will help us do our job better.

Please browse, listen, read, chat and join in the conversation about the economy and its impact in our region. If you work at a nonprofit or faith-based group let us know what you need. If you are a listener who’s recently been laid off or is struggling, share your story. If you’re a civic leader or an expert with an idea to share, give it up here.

The Economy Project is about connecting people. It’s about sharing information, resources, ideas and stories. Ultimately, it’s about sticking together.



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