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Is now the time to start a business? April 6, 2009

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Joseph Haslag is the Ken Lay Chair of Economics at the University of Missouri.

Joseph Haslag is the Ken Lay Chair of Economics at the University of Missouri.

Business Beat 03/25/09

A report out by the U.S. Department of Labor says from January to February there were about 2,000 fewer initial claims for unemployment insurance in Missouri. Columbia Chamber of Commerce President Don Laird says now may actually be a good a time to start a small business. Not all small businesses setting up shop up by first time business owners. Walker Claridge, owner of Columbia’s Root Cellar, is opening up a new business right next door called the Broadway Brewery. In Columbia, Austin Coates takes a look inside. Also, the Obama administration formally announced the next phase of its approach this week to encourage lending between private investors and banks. Under the plan, the government will use $100 billion dollars in TARP funds to relieve banks of troubled “legacy” assets that are on their balance sheets. Treasury Secretary Geitner didn’t rule out the possibility of spending up to a trillion dollars down the road. This additional future spending could come from borrowing and printing new money. So, what happens when the Fed prints money? MU Economics professor Joseph Haslag has followed several possibilities to their logical conclusion. Here’s his commentary on how…when it comes to money and printing money…the trick is to get the right balance between supply and demand.


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